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Canoe Press Event SS18

22 Oct by Joe Miller

Canoe Press Event SS18

Last week, I was given the exciting opportunity of attending the Canoe Press Day at The Vinyl Factory in Soho. Christelle – my fellow student – joined me and photographed the event for the day. 


Canoe is one of London’s most experienced creative communications company and they have specialised in PR for over a decade.  Their name was inspired by a book with few words. Scribbled in the forward were the words; ‘Paddle your own Canoe’. I love this and as Canoe describe: ‘It reminds us that Success comes as a direct result of active work, so we never forget to roll up our sleeves and just get on with it’.

When we arrived at the event, we were welcomed by the lovely Amy. Amy took us around the showroom and gave us a brief on each of the designers. Canoe is a successful company. Over the years, they have built strong relationships with many influential designers. 

BRANDS TO WATCH                                 

The Brands that particularly stood out to me were Cheap Monday, Puma and Georgia May Jagger.

Cheap Monday offer collections for Men and Women. They also include exclusive designs for accessories, glasses, underwear and shoes. 

Among the many amazing displays, we found that they had fantastic Silver earphone earrings and necklaces that I adored. In fact, I may even have to reach out to them and ask if it’s okay to borrow them for a future shoot. 

Cheap Monday’s Sportswear looked super comfortable and is very fitting to my own personal style as I loved the clean and simple lines and the pastel colours on offer.

While attending the event, I found myself continuously finding new items that I could visualise working well in my own wardrobe. 

Christelle felt that Georgia May Jagger has produced a quirky range that is very different to other brands. Her Women’s Wear designs are heavily embroidered with badges on denims and they come in really bright colours, blasted with monochrome graphics and tie dyes. The collection itself gives a feeling of fun and is totally unique and different to anything else that we saw at the event.


Puma had a wide range of shoes. They will be celebrating their 15th Anniversary of Puma Suede next year and this range is really impressive, different and stylish. Their release includes fifteen staggered sales throughout Spring and Summer 2018 to keep the target market incredibly engaged. The collaborations are all really unique, bold in colour and exciting. Sophie Webster’s style clearly enforced pink metallics and Zesty neons. Meanwhile Shantell Martin has incorporated  black and blue stitching, acrylic and text into her designs on a clean, white trainer. The SS18 Puma suede will definitely be one to watch out for. We were very impressed.

Unfortunately there was a strict no photos rule so you’ll have to wait till the release date for these shoes. However, we took some other fun snaps which I hope you’ll enjoy.

I was extremely impressed with the designers displayed at the event. It also provided a great opportunity for Christelle and me to gain a connection with the PR company. Everyone was incredibly friendly and I would like to say a big thank you to Amy for being so helpful and answering our questions. I had a fabulous day and enjoyed being able to see first hand some of the newest collections for next year and all the amazingly talented designs that are coming into our market shortly. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Thank you for reading! Daisy x

Daisy and Christelle are students at London College Of Style. Make sure to check out their Instagram and follow their exciting journey at LCS @christellebaxter  and @daisylaw3  ?