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Navigating the Lens: Do’s and Don’ts of Photoshoots

6 Nov by Anna

Navigating the Lens: Do’s and Don’ts of Photoshoots

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned photographer or just dipping your toes into the vibrant world of fashion photography, understanding the unwritten rules of fashion photography etiquette can make or break your reputation. Having recently sat down with some of LCS’s top photographers, we’ve distilled their wisdom into this essential guide. Ready to dive in? 

Do #1: Communicate Clearly and Professionally:

From the get-go, ensure everyone is on the same page. Discuss the vision, expectations, and any potential challenges with the entire team. Open lines of communication foster trust and ensure a smoother shoot.

Don’t: Assume. Never presume that everyone instinctively understands your vision. Verbalise, illustrate and confirm.

Do #2: Respect Time:

Arrive early to set up your equipment, scout the location, and prepare for any unforeseen challenges. Your punctuality sets the tone for the entire production team.

Don’t: Overextend. While it’s tempting to chase that “perfect shot,” be mindful of the time. Overstretching can exhaust your team and diminish the overall energy of the shoot.

Do #3: Create a Respectful Environment:

Treat every member of your team with utmost respect. From the newest intern to the seasoned model. Remember: every individual plays a crucial role in the success of your shoot.

Don’t: Get Too Personal. Maintain a professional boundary. While friendliness is always encouraged we want to avoid making personal comments or inappropriate jokes.

Do #4: Stay Updated with the Latest Gear and Techniques:

Much like fashion, the world of photography is ever-evolving. Make sure to invest time in learning about the newest equipment and techniques for the best results. 

Don’t: Rely Solely on Post-Production. While software and AI can work wonders, strive to capture the best shot using your camera. It maintains the shoot’s authenticity and saves editing time.

Do #5: Provide Constructive Feedback:

Feedback, when delivered constructively, can elevate the outcome of a shoot. Directing a model’s pose, collaborating with the lighting team and more – be positive and precise.

Don’t: Criticise Harshly. Avoid pointing fingers or laying blame. Instead, offer solutions and encourage collaboration.

Do #6: Keep the Client’s Vision Central:

We know that creativity is the soul of photography, however, always ensure that the client’s vision is at the heart of your shoot. Adapt and collaborate to bring their vision to life.

Don’t: Override Without Discussion. If you feel a different approach might work better, discuss it with the client or the creative director first.

Wrapping Up:

Photography isn’t just about capturing moments; it’s about enabling an atmosphere of collaboration, respect, and creative expression.

Remember, every shoot is a new story waiting to be told. With these fashion photography etiquette tips in your toolkit, you’re all set to tell it brilliantly. Stay passionate, stay professional, and keep capturing those mesmerising shots!

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