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LCS established in 2011, is a global leader in delivering personalised creative education including: fashion styling, personal styling, celebrity styling, colour, makeup and fashion photography.  The spirit of LCS is championing individuality. Challenging the traditional method of standardised education and the ‘one delivery fits all students’, LCS has embedded a teaching method at the heart of the college that focuses on authentic training, working with each student as an individual, personalising approach.    LCS welcomes an eclectic mix of students from all over the world to a vibrant and engaging training environment, with a strong focus also on individual professional post training support creating exclusive access to on-going industry opportunity and paid jobs where allowed. LCS has seen thousands of students from all corners of the globe ignite their passion and start and advance their careers as a result of our on-campus London based training courses. We also have affiliate partners in India and Dubai delivering LCS training.  LCS training develops and nurtures some of the finest creative talent into successful careers with LCS graduates working across the fashion, styling, beauty, fashion and beauty PR and photography industries.


At LCS our approach to training maps a clear path for each of our students from Day 1, so they know who they are and where their natural talents lie from the beginning. We welcome students of all abilities from all over the world, from complete beginners with no previous experience, those with some experience, right through to those looking to advance established careers.  As an LCS student, you will be taught in a vibrant industry-linked environment as a series of interactive lectures, practical masterclasses plus industry working opportunity and jobs to accelerate skill, create a network of connections and develop approaches.

Our expert tutoring and guest mentoring team who are selected for their glittering professional success as much as their brilliant teaching ability, are focused on working in a personalised approach with each of our students to develop skills, providing the tools to embrace challenges, and the confidence to succeed.  LCS learning environment is supportive, motivating and inspiring – a vibrant melting pot of individuals with ideas, all with something valuable to bring to the table, the curiosity to explore their creativity, and the positive outlook and ownership to flourish.  We welcome everyone of our students to a network of creatives for individual and collaborative projects, empowering each of them to achieve their personal and professional goals.


LCS philosophy is that success breeds success. Our team of tutors and guest mentors all have notable high profile careers in their specialisms and relevant industries, teaching with a wealth of knowledge offering insight, consistent personalised feedback and mentorship, focused on developing skill, as well as essential tools to accelerate successful and sustainable careers for our students.


Founded by successful industry figures Wendy Elsmore and Dan Blake, championing individuality and creative excellence , runs through the heart of LCS.  Their mission was to develop an educational teaching method for creative talent, as a powerful alternative to traditional standardised education. Today, Wendy and Dan spearhead LCS personalised training method and best practice. This identifies and nurtures the unique talents and points of difference of each student, to propel their individual skill and professional capabilities.  Training equips each student with the tools to flourish, and the confidence beyond training to take ownership of their professional careers, supported by LCS PRO-Team for elevated success.   Wendy Director of Marketing and Dan Director of Education work seamlessly with the team with a keen clear eye on the future, and the evolution of the fashion, style, beauty, photography industries. They ensure that the best interests of each students as well as advances in working techniques, industry developments, technology and software are also a strong focus.


We transform passionate creatives into stand-out professionals accelerating careers in the glamorous fashion, photography, beauty and nutrition industries.  We believe that brilliance breeds brilliance, and our tutoring and industry-guest team are hand-picked as much for their personal success as their skill to teach and mentor each student with our personalised approach. We have made impressive headway so far, and have so much more to achieve, with exciting plans for LCS development up our sleeves.  The is where we’d like to meet you…

We have big ambitions for growth, and if you are talented, passionate and have great goals for your life and your career, then please get in touch.  We may have a role for you in our team that can make the most of your abilities, in a vibrant and high energy working environment; focused on your success.


LCS training gives students exclusive access to high profile industry experience normally reserved for established artists only across fashion, fashion styling, personal styling celebrity styling, retail, fashion retail, fashion pr, makeup, beauty, beauty pr, photography, fashion photography, fashion brands, fashion weeks, music industry and glossy publications.  Matched industry partnerships between students and our brand clients, creates positive and vital experiences for individual supported development, resulting in an accelerated process of student into industry professional, a highly prized ‘ title black book’ of industry contacts, plus an impressive CV of relevant experience.


Wendy Elsmore is Director of Marketing at LCS. Wendy, has charismatic entrepreneurial spirit. A former ITV This Morning fashion presenter with hundreds of hours of footage across projects for ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and E! Entertainment, she is one of the most engaging fashion/personal style experts and mentors for the development of creative talent in the UK today. She has worked with multi global brands across fashion and beauty forging a successful international career as stylist, art director and celebrity personal stylist. With her wealth of knowledge in the fashion and beauty industries, and true understanding for what makes creativity thrive, Wendy is a champion for nurturing creative talent inline with the LCS personalised training approach.


Dan, an experienced educator and specialist editorial menswear stylist and expert, has worked across many leading publications in both the commercial and fashion elite world including British GQ and L’Officiel. Dan adds Fashion Editor for 7thMan and Editor in Chief for Streets magazine to his list of credits. An experienced publisher, he has a deep understanding of the publishing world. As a menswear expert, he has worked with many international designers and brands with great understanding and experience of what is required to make it in the creatives industries.