London College Of Style


The London College of Style is fully committed to operating our activities in a sustainable manner. We ensure that we review our processes in an effort to reduce environmental impact.


Sustainability has been defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

As a training organisation, we onboard a responsibility to introduce our talent to green thinking, ensuring that LCS trained talent made aware of environmental impact with considerations to sustainability, particularly in relation to fashion based courses.

Our Sustainable Curriculum – 2021

From 2021, LCS commits to including educational reading material on Sustainability in all fashion-related Diploma courses, both online and immersive London training. LCS Tutors are trained to promote sound environmentally sustainable principles and practice through trainings offered. In relation to fashion, these may include:

  • Slow Fashion
  • Ethical Fabric
  • Sustainable materials
  • Fair Trade clothing

Sustainable Business Certificate – LCS Green Leaf Certification

We’re also delighted to offer emerging talents and business owners the opportunity to strengthen green knowledge, working practices and policies with our accredited Sustainability Business Certificate course, launching in March 2021. This training comes with an LCS Green Leaf Certification logo which may be used in support of your business. 

Sustainability at LCS

The London College of Style is committed minimising the adverse impact of our activities on the environment, from the prevention of pollution and continuous improvement and re-evaluation of our policies.

We ensure that we are compliant with relevant environmental legislation while focusing on the following activities as part of our sustainability commitment:

Energy: LCS endeavours to reduce our use of overall energy consumption. We endeavour to use energy supplied by renewable sources to run our facilities where possible.

Waste: Staff and students attending trainings are taught to decrease the impacts of waste. We implement a waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse or recycle within the College and College offices. Recycling facilities are clearly marked and introduced to students on all LCS trainings.

Resources: In 2019, LCS banned all printing of paper printed handbooks in favour of digital learning materials to reduce paper waste. We are committed to decreasing material resource throughout the College including administration and learning supplies. We will always endeavour to purchase student materials from sustainable, ethical or fair-trade suppliers where possible.

Transport: LCS endeavours to promote sustainable transport options on London trainings. All immersive London trainings or shoot locations are accessible by public transport, reducing carbon footprint where possible.

Procurement: LCS will endeavour to support local businesses and suppliers for its purchases and contracts to reduce the impact on transport to the environment.

Tutors and Students are made aware of the LCS Sustainability Policy and those students studying fashion-related diploma course will have access to a written section on Sustainable Fashion which overviews Slow Fashion, Ethical Fashion, Sustainable Materials and Fair-Trade Fashion. This is a precursor to Sustainable Business Certificate – LCS Green Leaf Certification for those that wish to pursue this.