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Peek behind the curtain: The LCS London Experience

29 Apr by Anna

Peek behind the curtain: The LCS London Experience

Imagine entering an environment where every corner of the city adds a page to your learning diary. With its eclectic blend of the traditional and the avant-garde, London becomes your classroom. 

The LCS campus courses are designed to immerse you deeply into this unique atmosphere, ensuring that you walk out as a student and a polished professional ready to make your mark.

Transforming Dreams Into Professional Reality

Embarking on a journey with LCS in London is more than education; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that opens doors to the heart of one of the world’s foremost creative capitals.

Growth here goes beyond acquiring skills; it’s about personal evolution, facing challenges, and embracing opportunities with open arms.

Transformational Power  

What sets the LCS experience apart is the sheer magic of transformation, finding one’s true passion.  We’ve all been there—stuck in a job that doesn’t inspire, yearning for a change or simply not knowing what to do in life.

Our tutors, professionals who once walked in those very shoes, have retrained, reshaped their futures, and now stand ready to guide you through your metamorphosis. Take Jake Henry, for example, an LCS tutor with a story that epitomises this journey of transformation. 

Once a professional rugby player, Jake lived a life many would dream of, playing at an international level for over a decade. Yet beneath the surface, there was a passion for interior design waiting to be unleashed. 

Making the bold decision to pivot careers, he pursued a diploma in interior design, refined his skills, and today, he’s not only an acclaimed interior designer with worldwide clients but also the proud owner of his own design firm. 

Jake’s journey from the rugby fields to the design studios shows the power of following one’s passion, a living example of the metamorphosis that awaits you at LCS. 

Remember that with the proper guidance and determination, it’s possible to turn your dreams into reality

London Experience

The LCS curriculum is designed to support both your career and personal growth. Our London Campus offers a range of courses, including Fashion and Personal Styling, Fashion Photography, and more, ideal for those beginning their creative journey, offering a blend of inspiration, practical experience, and networking opportunities essential for starting your career. 

Engaging in activities like attending London Fashion Week and participating in professional photoshoots, you’ll gain invaluable experience that’s second to none.

If you’ve ever wondered, “How on earth can I be a part of this?” 

The answer is simple: LCS London Experience makes you a part of it. 

It’s the best place to not only make magic happen but also turn dreams into tangible, achievable realities. As you navigate through your course, London’s energy, diversity, and creativity will become integral parts of your learning experience, inspiring you at every turn.

Investment in your future  

Studying at LCS in London means investing in a future where you are the author of your success story. 

With hands-on learning, mentorship from industry specialists, and the unparalleled backdrop of London, your educational journey is imbued with experiences that enrich both your professional portfolio and your personal narrative.

Are you ready to transform your dreams into professional achievements with the LCS London experience?

With all our love,
The LCS Team 💖