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Why 2024 is THE Time to Pursue Interior Design as a Career

19 Dec by Dan Blake

Why 2024 is THE Time to Pursue Interior Design as a Career

Amid topical news events (sometimes with a negative impact on mental health), increasing work demands, and a world spinning at a dizzying pace, the popularity of interior design has skyrocketed. Our homes have transformed into sanctuaries—personal retreats where we seek solace and express ourselves away from all the chaos. Self-expression in homes brings joy and aids in discovering our true selves.

Interior design has evolved into a practice centred on creating spaces that provide comfort, safety, and a sense of well-being. The influence of social media platforms has fueled a surge in home décor inspiration, encouraging us to creatively push the boundaries of traditional design. Many work of from home these days, to spaces are now multifunctional, blending work and homelife into one hub.

The shift is that we want to inhabit spaces that are not just visually appealing but also ‘environmentally conscious’. That’s where the skills of the interior designer come in, understanding light, theme, concept, colour – and how all this impacts our psychology and emotional states. Thoughtful interior design has the power to enhance mood, boost productivity, and foster a sense of harmony. 

So – if you are a creative person who loves home and interiors, a career in professional Interior Design might be the perfect fit.

We caught up with Karen Butterfield, Head of Interiors at LCS, to understand why 2024 is deemed ‘the year’ to invest in interior design training. Karen, who will be leading the Interior Design Diploma online from February 2024, shared her insights on the significance of this moment:

“As we navigate the ever-evolving design landscape, 2024 is the ideal moment to immerse yourself in the transformative world of interior design! Now, more than ever, the focus is on personalization—something that LCS is known for! Personal style extends not only to clothes but also to how we express our unique style in our work environments and homes.

I am thrilled to lead the Interior Design Diploma, launching this February 2024 as an online training at the London College of Style. If you’re already a personal style advisor, why not broaden your horizons by adding interior advice to your skillset?

This training programme is an exhilarating journey, primarily centred on residential interiors. We equip you with skills to design homes, offices, and various spaces that not only mirror personal identities but also prioritise wellness and environmental consciousness.

Embarking on the path to becoming a certified Interior Designer propels you to the forefront of design innovation in interiors. It serves as your gateway to forging a career or business as an interior designer, and I’m thrilled to join LCS in helping you acquire the skills and insights necessary to shape your future in professional interior design. Hope to see you there!”

Karen Butterfield

Head of Interiors

Check out the LCS accredited Interior Design Training at LCS, launching Feb 2024, enrolling now.