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  • Welcome to LCS professional mentoring created to support you to grow as a newly trained creative freelance or business owner on your path to success

    We recognise, making the progress you want in your chosen creative field can be challenging to achieve on your own. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed investing in an experience mentor can be just the guide you need to help you realise your goals!

    LCS Mentoring lets you choose the components you need help with most, in structured sessions led by a professional who has trodden your path and who will help you move to the next level.

    With a team of top industry experts to choose from as your personal mentor, there’s now nothing to hold you back from getting excited by your potential to make real your professional dreams.

    • You have yet to start your business and need additional action focused support
    • You want to launch a new service and you don’t want to work through it alone
    • You enjoy working for yourself but you want to feel consistently supported with a different perspective on creative ideas
    • You run your independent business & want to take it to the next level
    • You want to grow your clients, social media audience or online presence

    The LCS learning style is designed to help you gain clarity, assist, challenge and ultimately help you achieve your goals with positivity over an agreed period of time. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at – just starting out or a few years in, our mentors are experts who adapt to you.

    Contact one of our friendly admissions team who will help organise your booking for you.
  • LCS will try our best to meet your preferred dates, however, cannot guarantee availability:

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