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Connecting with Clients: The Keys to Personal Styling

Introduction Hey, fashionistas and style gurus! In the dazzling world of personal styling, connecting with clients is like finding the perfect accessory – it completes the look. It’s more than just picking out killer outfits; it’s about diving into your personal styling client’s personality, lifestyle, and…

10 Jul by Alexandra


Starting Out Self-Employed as a Stylist: A Comprehensive Guide

Embarking on a career as a self-employed stylist is an exciting and rewarding journey. The role of a…

26 Jun by Alexandra


Peek behind the curtain: The LCS London Experience

Imagine entering an environment where every corner of the city adds a page to your learning diary. With…

29 Apr by Anna


Couture on Screen: Must-Watch Series and Films for Fashion Enthusiasts 

Ah, the weekend’s here, and it’s the perfect time to unwind with a bit of flair. Why not…

29 Apr by Anna


Intl Women’s Day 2024: Finding Fulfilment in Passion & Purpose

As International Women’s Day approaches, we believe it’s a perfect time to reflect on the essence of love—a…

8 Mar by Anna


The Role of “Mindset” for Creatives in 2024

Congratulations, darling! You’re standing right in front of 2024, about to step into another beautiful chapter of your…

4 Jan by Anna


Why 2024 is THE Time to Pursue Interior Design as a Career

Amid topical news events (sometimes with a negative impact on mental health), increasing work demands, and a world…

19 Dec by Dan Blake


Colour of the Year 2023: Peach Fuzz!

Hey, Colour Lovers! If you haven’t heard already, Peach is ‘the’ colour to be making waves in the creative industries…

18 Dec by Dan Blake


Learn How to Transform Spaces

Homes have personalities, just like people. Some are adventurous and creative, while others are elegant and sophisticated.  But…

28 Nov by Anna


Why Every Creative Needs Business Coaching to Truly Excel

Hey, all you creative talents out there… We’ve got something fabulous to share! 🎉 After taking considerable feedback from…

31 Oct by Wendy Elsmore


Crafting a Vintage Personal Shopping Experience

Hey future fashion icons! Vintage personal shopping isn’t just about clothes; it’s a time-travel ticket to an era…

30 Aug by Anna


5 Tips to Excel in Men’s Personal Styling

Hey there! Are you passionate about men’s personal styling and dreaming of becoming a top-notch personal stylist? We…

11 Jul by Dan Blake


Reel Confidence: Showcase Your Talent on Instagram

Welcome, aspiring personal stylists and colour analysts! Are you ready to rock Instagram Reels and showcase your unique…

4 Jul by Anna


From Corporate to Couture: Switching Careers to Become a Personal Stylist

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current career and yearning for a change? Are you passionate about fashion…

28 Feb by Anna


Overcoming Your Fears: Fashion Styling Career Advice

Bonjour, mes amies! Are you ambitious and dreaming of a career in fashion styling? Do you feel intimidated…

27 Feb by Anna


Embracing Your Creative Journey Without Burning Out

Let’s talk about something that hits close to home for many of us in the creative community—burnout.  It’s…

9 May by Anna


These Are the Top 7 Interior Design Styles to Know Now

The world of interior is splendidly diverse. And while some styles are straightforward and easy to grasp, the…

29 Apr by Anna


Navigating the Lens: Do’s and Don’ts of Photoshoots

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned photographer or just dipping your toes into the vibrant world of…

6 Nov by Anna


Fast-track your creative career with LCS-Connect

From 1-2-1 mentoring with industry professionals to industry meetups and portfolio advice, LCS-Connect is our personalised service designed to accelerate your career!

Come and learn with us in London's capital!

Based in the heart of London, LCS is a global leader in creative training. We specialise in transformative education, offering personalised courses in Fashion, Makeup, Photography and Personal Styling.

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She is such an inspiration, and really gave hope and clear direction to us all - which we really need at the moment.

Amazing, encouraging and inspiring. Priceless information from a woman who means business in life.

Jenni was a really inspiring person. She was direct and I’ll cherish the experience and will take on board her wise points and clear way forwards.

Inspirational, confident and captivating. She caught my attention with her down to earth approach- and she inspired me with her wit and intelligence.

Now I know how to do it- I just want to get out and go for it! There aren’t many people that have ever had that effect on me before. She is amazing.

I found Jenni extremely inspiring. She made me realise that I can do anything I want in my life, if I apply myself.

Jenni Trent Hughes is the most vibrant and inspiring teacher I’ve ever come across. Her enthusiasm and real honesty kept the entire group. A strong awesome woman- give her her audience to teach, and she’ll pass on the wisdom.

With impressive fashion industry leaders at the helm of LCS, we expect great things to come not to mention plenty of Rachel Zoe’s and Philip Bloch’s in the making.

LCS delivered fashion, styling and colour workshops with bespoke materials of extremely high quality to our full line collection boutique employees and management across London and Europe. LCS was very accommodating to our needs delivering successful on-brand training experiences. 

A Brit School for people who want to be Stylists.

A recognised path for aspiring creatives to kick start their careers

LCS created by industry professionals as a centre of excellence for all things fashion, creative and style

London College of Style has provided fashion and personal style, home design and beauty training for many of the specialist Partners in our shops, supporting them in offering personalised and confident advice to our customers.

LCS is my go-to for Styling Assistants. The students are very well trained, reliable, professional, skilled and passionate. I’ve taken on LCS graduates for permanent paid positions. Highly recommended.

I’ve been working with LCS students for the past 2 years, they are an invaluable help to me, extremely reliable and the students do a really great job. Trained to a highly professional standard. Thank you LCS!

LCS are my go-to for Styling Assistants. The students are brilliant - reliable, professional, skilled and passionate about a career in the industry. I have happily gone on to take several graduates as first assistants to many editorial and commercial shoots. Highly recommended.

We have had the pleasure of taking on students from LCS for the past few seasons and hopefully many more, supporting us backstage as well as front of house for Fashion Scout Shows. The students were amazing and great to work with, receiving fantastic feedback from our team as well as all our designers.

We always partner with LCS for our backstage styling teams. The students are professional, helpful, and reliable. We hope for a longstanding association with LCS, collaborating on all our future shows. Thank you for making this process so seamless!

LCS are Amazing…. The students are professional and great to work with!

We are delighted to have worked with LCS for the past couple of seasons at LFW. The students are always motivated and great to work with!

Working with the team at LCS is a dream … reliable, creative and kind. Perfect Ingredients during LFW!

We have been working with LCS for our dressing teams at London Fashion Week for the past 8 years. They are a pleasure to partner with and help ensure backstage runs seamlessly by providing us with exceptional students. We rely on LCS each season to deliver us the very best team – thank you!

Thank you for the student dressing team. They were all very helpful and professional, contributing to the success of our London Fashion Week show!