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Why Owning a Business is Amazing for Creatives

Like anything, owning a business has advantages and disadvantages, but with passion, hard work, and a clear path to achieving your goals, owning a business can be incredible for creatives. Not only are there the business perks of owning a business in freedom and earnings, but…

15 Dec by Peter Lyng


How to Curate a Fashion Portfolio for Your Next Job

What is a fashion portfolio? For fashion stylists, photographers or makeup artists, fashion portfolios are ultimately a type…

13 Sep by Dan Blake


Why Film Photography is Loved Among Creatives

Sometimes it is better to go slow than to go fast. Many creatives are more interested in film…

30 Aug by Peter Lyng


7 Things You Need To Know About Studying Abroad in London!

Studying abroad in London – especially travelling alone to a new country, can be daunting and even a…

21 Aug by Dan Blake


Why Investing in LCS Fashion Training WORKS.

We’re SO proud of our amazing talent, aka YOU guys who choose LCS as your fashion training provider,…

4 Aug by Dan Blake


Do You Need Interior Design Training or Can it be Self-Taught?

Do you ever look at your surroundings and wonder about ways to change or improve them? Maybe something…

3 Aug by Jasmine Bowen


How Interior Design Affects my Life as a Writer

Hey readers! For this week’s article, we have a slightly different style for you. We reached out to…

26 Apr by Jasmine Bowen


Q&A with Interior Design Tutor, Sabrina Panizza

Interior design is not just about creating a space that feels welcoming and comfortable. It’s an opportunity to…

29 Mar by Wendy Elsmore


5 Fashion Sustainability Trends for 2022

Fashion sustainability is top of the agenda for most major brands at the moment. It seems like retail…

9 Feb by Wendy Elsmore


Why Colour Training is so Important for Creatives

Interest in colour analysis and professional colour training is skyrocketing right now. Colour psychology is widely understood to…

8 Nov by Wendy Elsmore


How to become a Personal Stylist: Interviewing three Personal Styling experts

As we move into an era with much focus placed on the importance of self-care, this week we…

25 Oct by Wendy Elsmore


Fashion Styling Advice: 5 Tips for Success

Have you ever wondered what it is about top stylists that make them so successful? If you want…

30 Jan by Dan Blake


Personal Styling Advice: 5 Tips for Success

Have you ever wondered what it is about top stylists that make them so successful? If you want some…

30 Jan by Wendy Elsmore


10 Fashion Books for Your Stocking

Fashion is a beautiful industry, not only because it creates gorgeous garments and imagery but because it is…

14 Dec by Peter Lyng


Is Fashion Styling a Good Career in 2023?

A fashion styling career can be super competitive. Like other attractive roles in the creative industry, many people…

28 Nov by Peter Lyng


How Personal Stylists Change Lives

A personal stylist can change lives because style can change lives.  Style is a powerful thing, and personal…

17 Nov by Peter Lyng


Mirrorless Cameras vs DSLR: Which is Best?

Just like a master painter might enjoy mixing their own pigments and having their favourite brushes, photographers also…

3 Nov by Peter Lyng


Social Media Goals: Why You Need Them.

So many brands, so little time. How do you stand out from the rest? It’s easy when your…

26 Oct by Peter Lyng


Why Do a Creative Writing Course?

You might ask yourself why you should do a creative writing course. The answer is, like with most…

10 Oct by Peter Lyng


How to attend London Fashion Week this September 2022!

Ever wanted to attend London Fashion Week but don’t know how to get genuine tickets to top designer…

7 Sep by Dan Blake


Fast-track your creative career with LCS-Connect

From 1-2-1 mentoring with industry professionals to industry meetups and portfolio advice, LCS-Connect is our personalised service designed to accelerate your career!

Come and learn with us in London's capital!

Based in the heart of London, LCS is a global leader in creative training. We specialise in transformative education, offering personalised courses in Fashion, Makeup, Photography and Personal Styling.

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She is such an inspiration, and really gave hope and clear direction to us all - which we really need at the moment.

Amazing, encouraging and inspiring. Priceless information from a woman who means business in life.

Jenni was a really inspiring person. She was direct and I’ll cherish the experience and will take on board her wise points and clear way forwards.

Inspirational, confident and captivating. She caught my attention with her down to earth approach- and she inspired me with her wit and intelligence.

Now I know how to do it- I just want to get out and go for it! There aren’t many people that have ever had that effect on me before. She is amazing.

I found Jenni extremely inspiring. She made me realise that I can do anything I want in my life, if I apply myself.

Jenni Trent Hughes is the most vibrant and inspiring teacher I’ve ever come across. Her enthusiasm and real honesty kept the entire group. A strong awesome woman- give her her audience to teach, and she’ll pass on the wisdom.

With impressive fashion industry leaders at the helm of LCS, we expect great things to come not to mention plenty of Rachel Zoe’s and Philip Bloch’s in the making.

LCS delivered fashion, styling and colour workshops with bespoke materials of extremely high quality to our full line collection boutique employees and management across London and Europe. LCS was very accommodating to our needs delivering successful on-brand training experiences. 

A Brit School for people who want to be Stylists.

A recognised path for aspiring creatives to kick start their careers

LCS created by industry professionals as a centre of excellence for all things fashion, creative and style

London College of Style has provided fashion and personal style, home design and beauty training for many of the specialist Partners in our shops, supporting them in offering personalised and confident advice to our customers.

LCS is my go-to for Styling Assistants. The students are very well trained, reliable, professional, skilled and passionate. I’ve taken on LCS graduates for permanent paid positions. Highly recommended.

I’ve been working with LCS students for the past 2 years, they are an invaluable help to me, extremely reliable and the students do a really great job. Trained to a highly professional standard. Thank you LCS!

LCS are my go-to for Styling Assistants. The students are brilliant - reliable, professional, skilled and passionate about a career in the industry. I have happily gone on to take several graduates as first assistants to many editorial and commercial shoots. Highly recommended.

We have had the pleasure of taking on students from LCS for the past few seasons and hopefully many more, supporting us backstage as well as front of house for Fashion Scout Shows. The students were amazing and great to work with, receiving fantastic feedback from our team as well as all our designers.

We always partner with LCS for our backstage styling teams. The students are professional, helpful, and reliable. We hope for a longstanding association with LCS, collaborating on all our future shows. Thank you for making this process so seamless!

LCS are Amazing…. The students are professional and great to work with!

We are delighted to have worked with LCS for the past couple of seasons at LFW. The students are always motivated and great to work with!

Working with the team at LCS is a dream … reliable, creative and kind. Perfect Ingredients during LFW!

We have been working with LCS for our dressing teams at London Fashion Week for the past 8 years. They are a pleasure to partner with and help ensure backstage runs seamlessly by providing us with exceptional students. We rely on LCS each season to deliver us the very best team – thank you!

Thank you for the student dressing team. They were all very helpful and professional, contributing to the success of our London Fashion Week show!