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Fashion Styling Advice: 5 Tips for Success

30 Jan by Dan Blake

Fashion Styling Advice: 5 Tips for Success

Have you ever wondered what it is about top stylists that make them so successful? If you want some fashion styling advice from someone who’s been in your shoes and made it to the top, you’re in luck. 

In this article, LCS Education Director and decorated Fashion Stylist, Dan Blake, explores 5 pieces of fashion styling advice for anyone looking to break into the industry. 

What makes a great Fashion Stylist?


Fashion Stylists are natural creatives who combine an ability to dream BIG with an eye for SMALL details! Colour, pattern and silhouette are brushes, the model is the canvas!


The fashion industry will always welcome motivated talents who are hungry for success. The trick is really to want it! Find that motivation and don’t feel intimidated. 


Great stylists know their stuff. You’ll be expected to know runway designers, trends, historical references and styling techniques to create impact in your style work. 


A commitment to self-development helps all artists, with a positive outlook, resilience to deal with knock-backs and the courage to take risks. Grow in confidence as you put yourself out there!


Anyone can imitate, but true creatives know how to innovate. At LCS you’ll learn a formula to create originality in your work and discover your signature style.

Need more fashion styling advice? 

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