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These Are the Top 7 Interior Design Styles to Know Now

29 Apr by Anna

These Are the Top 7 Interior Design Styles to Know Now

The world of interior is splendidly diverse. And while some styles are straightforward and easy to grasp, the trendsetting and in-demand designs that have emerged over recent years often come with layers of complexity that deserve a closer look. 

This intricacy intensifies when a new trend adapts elements from established styles or reinterprets a beloved classic in a novel way. 

Let’s dive into the details of today’s most popular interior design styles, exploring what sets them apart and why they resonate so strongly with contemporary tastes.

1. New Traditional

This style reinvigorates traditional decor by infusing modern elements that lighten and modernize spaces without stripping away their classic elegance. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the past but live in the present.


2. Maximalism

Bold and unrestrained, maximalism celebrates richness and excess. Clashing patterns, a spectrum of colours, and a mix of textures characterise this style, making it ideal for anyone who believes more is more.


3. Mid-Century Modern

Celebrated for its refinement and simplicity, Mid-Century Modern design features clean lines and organic shapes. It emphasises functionality and sleek design, making it a perennial favourite since the mid-20th century.


4. Scandinavian

Beyond mere functionality, Scandinavian design focuses on minimalism and comfort. It’s known for its simple, cosy aesthetics that combine muted colours and natural materials to create a serene, inviting space.


5. Art Deco

Glamorous and bold, Art Deco is a visual celebration of life. Expect to see luxurious materials, intricate geometric patterns, and an overall sense of grandeur that harks back to the Roaring ’20s.


6. Modern Farmhouse

This style combines rustic country elements with clean modern lines. It’s characterised by natural textures and materials like wood and stone, offering a warm, welcoming return to simpler times.


7. Eclectic

For those who resist pigeonholing, Eclectic design is a canvas for personal expression. It mixes various periods and styles, and the cohesive use of colour or texture is often enough to unify these diverse elements into a cohesive whole.


Each of these styles offers unique elements that can transform spaces and influence moods. Explore these styles to find the one that speaks to your aesthetic sensibilities and lifestyle, ensuring your environment is not just where you live, but a place that truly feels like home. 

If you find that the world of interiors stirs your imagination and you’re eager to explore it further, consider enrolling in our Interior Design course. It’s an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding and skills, turning your passion for design into a fulfilling career. Explore these styles, discover which one resonates with you, and join us to learn how to bring your interior design visions to life.