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My Journey from LCS Training to Launching Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy pl_studio

16 Dec by Jason Thomas

My Journey from LCS Training to Launching Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy pl_studio

I began my journey by completing the Personal Styling Diploma in 2017, where I was professionally trained in all areas of Personal Styling with a combination of women’s, men’s, and accessory styling. I then moved forward to completing the Colour Analysis training with LCS Head of Colour Jules Standish. Since completing my training I have been working as a personal stylist with private clients alongside PR, specialising in interiors, property, and travel,

My training with LCS helped me realise that I really wanted personal styling to be part of my future career and gave me the tools to become more confident in myself and begin to really hone my styling skills, and most importantly made me realise that my passion could become my career. I would honestly say the Colour Analysis course was life changing as since then I started looking at the world in a different way and understood how important it is to surround yourself with the best colours and right shades to feel good, confident and happier!

My partner + co-founder of PL Studio and I share the same passion for styling and we both strongly believe in the importance of self-expression with clothing and accessories that reflect one’s personality and at the same time highlight one’s best features. Therefore, it was a natural step for us to incorporate the personal and corporate styling service into our offering. For both brands and individual clients, a great first impression is key to continue growing their businesses and become more successful.

Personal styling, interior design and visual branding are all elements that need to be aligned to ensure brand consistency and achieve a strong, recognisable image. With our multi-disciplinary image consultancy, we offer clients the tools to create a unified voice and ensure that all the elements and aspects of the brand’s image are taken care of and consistent, in order to avoid clients’ confusion in terms of messaging and mission. We believe that people’s appearance as well as the interiors spaces and all marketing collaterals – from logos and fonts through to the signage and photography – need to be created with the same vision in mind, the vision that will allow brands to translate their values into a cohesive story. 

Here at pl_studio we advise any LCS current students thinking of starting their own creative business to join the LCS ELEVATE business mentoring programme to equip you with the right tools and individual support to be a step ahead as a professional.  Personal professional growth takes time, however the fast-track guided approach of LCS is invaluable to help you explore and find the right path to achieve  one’s goals. The route to success is always possible with the right mindset and support.