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PETRIe Magazine 68th Issue Launch Party

9 Nov by Joe Miller

PETRIe Magazine 68th Issue Launch Party

PETRIe magazine was founded in 2012 and it has been gaining on popularity at an incredible speed ever since. The founders see it more like an international platform for freedom of self-expression than a simple glossy magazine. It focuses on the meaning behind the images and not only on their beauty.

Thanks to London College of Style, my fellow students and I were invited to the magazine’s 68th Issue Launch Party last week. It was an exciting experience and I’d like to share my thoughts on it with you. 


The tagline of PETRIe 68th issue is: “Not Your Savage”. My curiosity was instantly sparked and I couldn’t wait to find out the meaning behind this unconventional title. Luckily, we had the chance to meet a few team members behind the creation of this cool magazine and ask them some questions during the panel-like interview. Present for the interview were the editor-in-chef, Zadrian Smith, the fashion director Samia Giobellina, the photographer Nicolo Bagnati and the make-up artist Ammy Drammen. During the panel discussion, Zadrian Smith explained us that the idea behind the “Not Your Savage” concept is to focus more on the communication and the creativity than on the commercial aspect of fashion.
The main goal was to draw attention to the social issues that our society is facing. For PETRIe team, fashion is like art – a way to communicate your values and ideas in a creative way.


Petrie is pioneering a new and unique aesthetic. When you look at the pages, you shouldn’t just look at the images, but read and learn about different world views and ideas. The magazine prides itself on its content consisting of inspiring interviews and mind-opening opinions.  The stories that they tell are not meaningless like in some glossy magazines. They show us as well that the diversity in fashion is not that complicated. While some of their competition is still having difficulties to put black women in their magazines, PETRie is a true example of the real representation of the diversity in our society.



The fashion is a link between art and creativity, it is a way to express ourselves or “escape” from this chores of society. Fashion, is also dynamic and evolves with us during our lifetime. It builds an image of ourselves for others to identify with. What I like the most in this magazine, is its wish to “street-cast” the team of the magazine and its content. I think street casting is the best way to describe our society, its issue and the youth.

Thank you to the magazine and London College of Style for the opportunity to take part in this inspiring event. It was amazing to learn more about PETRIe magazine and have the chance to understand their vision. You can buy this magazine following this link :

Photos by Kay Altamira from and blog post by Kelly Phare from LaRevueEclairée – both styling students at London College of Style!