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Outline London Collection Preview

14 Sep by Joe Miller

Outline London Collection Preview

Photographer: Taj MInter Naughton

This week I had the pleasure of attending the amazing press event for Outline London’ 18 at the Ivy Soho brasserie, displaying the Autumn 2018 collection (with the upcoming collection for December’18 and a sneak peek for next year’s collection).

Outline is a London bases womenswear label which has been in fashion industry for over 30 years for evening wears from bridesmaids to red-carpet looks, even though it’s a London based brand it has a large number for international followings. They have twice yearly collection and all the collections have contemporary, considered and directional as some of the common factors.

This collection that I saw was elegant occasion-worthy style with Tactile sequins, Bold prints, Liquid Satins and Dramatic Silhouette’s. The basic colour scheme was red, blue and yellow, it was chic with a touch of sporty in the pieces.

It had the perfect mix of edgy + feminine pieces from jumpsuits to dresses each piece had a little logo of the brand (which I had a lot of fun searching for) and had attention to details with a modern touch, it was a great event and I can’t wait for the next collection to come.

Rachita and Taj are students at London College of Style. Follow their journeys at @rachita.handa and @workingbasement