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LILY AND ROSE Jewellery Champagne Reception

16 Jun by Tatjana

LILY AND ROSE Jewellery Champagne Reception

I love jewellery. I always have and always will. Jewellery is a little bit like magic. It has the power to take a simple, boring outfit from „nothing special” to „stunning & unique”.

That is why I was particularly excited about the opportunity to attend a champagne reception organised by LILY AND ROSE, on behalf of London College of Style.

Lily and Rose is a Swedish brand with its background in fashion design, as it was established by Therese Zetterberg, a couture designer. Having created a successful clothing brand offering dresses and bridal collections, she decided to expand her business into jewellery.

The reception took place in a little yet beautiful & bright venue in West London.

I was really excited to see all the sparkly pieces made of Swarovski crystals and brass. The brands offers delicate, subtle pieces but also lots of statement earring, rings, bracelets and necklaces. They come in plentitude of shapes, colours and sizes, so that every woman could find something perfect for her.


An interesting thing is the story behind the name LILY AND ROSE. It has its origins in a top TV series Sex and the City (which – by the way – I love & have watched several times!). The TV Series tells a story of a group of women, fashion lovers, living their glamourous lives in the New York City. One of the main characters is Charlotte York, whose daughters’ names are Lily and Rose. The designer named the brand after them to give tribute to her favourite TV series.


Among the guests there were many fashion, lifestyle & beauty bloggers & other people from the industry.


Apart from the jewellery guest could also see stunning dresses, tulle skirts and lace tops by Zetterberg Couture. Most of the pieces were from the couture bridal collection, made from delicate silk and floral laces. I really loved them – they are classy and elegant. The designs come in many colours – white, cream white, powder pink, dove blue or light mint of grey.



The event was a big success. It was lovely to mingle while enjoying a glass of bubbly champagne and delicious eclaires, which looked like masterpiece… and tasted even better.

What is more, everyone could choose 3 pieces of jewellery and receive them as a gift! You cannot believe how happy I was. These are the 3 pieces I have chosen:

To me Lily and Rose jewellery is timeless and every woman should have such beautiful, sparkly crystals in her collection. If you don’t have one, visit LILY AND ROSE website and choose something for yourself immediately!

Joanna is a student at LCS – follow her styling journey on Instagram at @asia.lelejko