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In The Nude

3 May by Joe Miller

In The Nude

The great thing with a nude colour palette for personal styling menswear clients is its’ ability to tone down an outfit, whilst maintaining a subtle look that oozes good taste. Many men don’t like the idea of bright colour, so this colour palette allows you to introduce colour successfully to create difference, without it being overpowering.


You can work with one tone and a splash of white to create a spring clean aesthetic. Or you can choose to be more playful combining nude colours including beige, white, grey, khaki and pastel hues, for a more interesting minimalistic look with huge amounts of versatility that rings impeccable laid back sophistication.


And the other great thing about this look? You don’t have to spend lots of money to look like you have! That’s the beauty of muted tones, even budget pieces instantly look expensive whether they are or not!


At LCS we train our stylists to pay impeccable attention to small detail gaining a clear understanding of how to mix tones of colour from the same palette. Our Personal Stylists in training learn how to tailor colour to work with their clients shape, personality and occasion to create the appropriate X Factor through clever thoughtful styling technique. For more info on our highly-acclaimed Personal Styling Diploma course where we work alongside you to start your own personal styling business, click here: