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How Personal Stylists Change Lives

17 Nov by Peter Lyng

How Personal Stylists Change Lives

A personal stylist can change lives because style can change lives. 

Style is a powerful thing, and personal stylists guide their clients to find their own aesthetic and express it confidently. 

The job of a personal stylist has many facets, all with the goal of discovering and creating a curated personal style.

Stylists can help celebrity clients with choosing the perfect red-carpet look to secure a spot on the best-dressed lists. Stylists can help build a wardrobe for people out of the public eye, who want to be elegantly dressed in their daily life and look stunning at events. 

Stylists consider their clients, with their unique energy, personality, body type, profession and tastes and help them express their uniqueness.

Personal stylists use their talent and experience to advise clients on clothes and everything surrounding style. The goal of a Personal Stylist is to help people define their style and turn it into reality through wardrobe edits, shopping experiences and more.

personal stylist shopping for an outfit

Showing the World Who You Are.

Style is a significant aspect of our lives. When we find our own style, we take pleasure in exploring that aesthetic in every part of our lives, from the wardrobe to interior design. 

Style is a way of communicating who we are to the world. 

Style comes from hundreds of little choices that we make every day, that all add up to help you express who you really are, and Stylists can help make better, more informed choices for your self-expression.

When our style resonates with our personality, other people can understand us better by looking at our clothes. This way of showing who you are, helps you shape how other people see you and respect you. 

Some people want to look fashionable whereas others wish to be discreet, just like some people want to look sexy while others aim for elegance. It is not easy to develop your daily style, but if you are successful, you can control the message you send to the world. 

Not only can the stylist help the client find their daily personal style, but also help them find outfits that express how they want to feel in certain important moments. 

Focusing Inward.

However, the true importance of style is not only towards other people but also inward. Everybody links their appearance with their confidence. 

We don’t all have the same style, but we all want to look and feel good in a way that shows who we are. If our style is well aligned with the way we feel and what we want to show the world, it can be a source of immense confidence.

Style is so important to being comfortable and having healthy self-worth. But for most people, it is difficult to know what to wear and how to express their style. This is where the trained eye of a personal stylist can have a transformational effect. 

Stylists have the vocabulary and understanding to talk about style and help their clients express themselves eloquently through clothes. Their work is not about doing a makeover and transforming the client into someone else, but guiding them to find and express their own style. 

Forming your Image. 

Not only can the client get confidence from looking good, but also feel good about looking like their true selves. When wearing outfits that reinforce your personality, the confidence boost is amazing. 

When styling is done well consistently, again and again, an image is formed in people’s perceptions of a person. Imagine a friend who wants to give you a bouquet of flowers, and they have a clear feeling about which colours you would appreciate. 

The same happens when we hear a name of a superstar with great style, we can immediately see their aesthetic with our inner eye. Think about Harry Styles or Lady Gaga and how their styles underline the message they are sharing with the world. 

With style, you can choose to push boundaries and be controversial and inspiring, display conservative stability and conform to expectations, or anything in between.

The Secret of Elegance. 

For personal styling authenticity and resonance is the key. 

The legendary Parisian couturier Hubert de Givenchy underlined the importance of having a genuine style which reflects the true self of the wearer. 

“The secret of elegance is to appear like yourself.”

It is clear that style has a great impact on our lives, but how can personal stylists help their clients find their own style? 

A Rich Visual Culture. 

Personal stylists have a rich visual culture and understand style, cut and colour so they are able to represent a style, or a person, through clothes. 

It is a job that requires talent, time and experience and that is why people who value their style hire great personal stylists.

Personal stylists can help their clients build their wardrobes and choose outfits that match the vibe of any event they attend. Every part of the look is curated to express what the clients want. 

Hair, makeup, jewellery and accessories are all opportunities to underline the personal style, but most important is the clothing. 

Personal stylists understand the references associated with every garment and the signals they send. They use colour to highlight what is most important and they understand the technical cut of a garment to get a flattering fit. Personal stylists need to understand the elements of style, much like when a fashion designer creates a collection.

“A couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for colour, a musician for harmony, and a philosopher for temperance” – Cristóbal Balenciaga

A young Cristóbal Balenciaga

Your clothes change how you feel about yourself and therefore how you live. We all know how wearing the right shoe and a tailored jacket can make us stand upright and be assertive, but also how feeling over or underdressed can make us uncomfortable. 

Personal Stylists: Profound and Proud. 

It is a real shame to go through life holding back and feeling unattractive when a personal stylist can help people feel great about themselves by expressing themselves with their style.

Personal stylists have fascinating jobs in a world of fashion shows, luxury stores and stylish people, and their main task is not superficial but very profound. 

Stylists listen to their clients, understand them, and have the knowledge of fashion and aesthetics to discover and define their unique style. This is the key that can help people transform their lives in a renaissance of style.

If you want to become a Personal Stylist, there’s no better place to train in the world than at the London College of Style, a global leader in training for budding stylists. 

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