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10 top tips for an editorial stylist

7 May by Joe Miller

10 top tips for an editorial stylist

I’m Jessica Swanson, new LCS blogger & also Advanced Editorial graduate of LCS. I’m writing from the glorious sun drenched haven of my Aunties garden. Juice in hand, feet up, birds singing, Mac book ready!

I have had many opportunities since studying at LCS including working for Sony & Notting hill Music, assisting esteemed stylist Way Perry of Jed Root & FHM. My editorial work has also been published in multiple publications.

I have now secured an opportunity with GQ magazine for a fashion assisting role, which I’m over the moon about! Having Conde Nast on the C.V is always a bonus!

LCS has given me the strongest styling platform to start my editorial career from and I’d like to share my insider industry tips with you, now that I’m an Editorial Stylist working on great projects. I will be giving you a heads up on industry do’s & don’ts, plus great tips that will ensure you are in that 1% of successful Editorial & Celebrity Stylists!

So as a great start, here’s 5 of the 10 tips to ensure your success starting out in industry!

BE NICE– Just simply being nice can help build valuable relationships in industry. If you are up against someone who is as talented as you, but they are a bit of a diva, who do you think the potential employer will pick? You got it!

WORK HARD – Things won’t be handed to you on a plate, you need to push yourself even when it’s tough and things aren’t progressing as quickly as you’d like. Write a ‘to do’ list every day, and make sure you work through it! People who ‘do’ make progress, people who just ‘talk’ about it don’t!!!

DON’T BURN BRIDGES– Best advice I can every give you, is to get on with everyone & stay shtum! You don’t know the source reason of someone’s behavior towards you. You never know the guy that ignored you on the shoot the other day, might give you a 10K job in a year’s time!

PUSH YOURSELF – You will meet people along the way that are willing to help you as much as they can, but you need to MAKE opportunities for yourself. Email, phone, and be seen at key events where possible.

GREAT TRAINING – I can honestly say that without training, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’ve been training & working as a stylist for less than 7 months, & from knowing little to nothing about the industry, or how to progress, I’m now in a great position with the help of LCS. It will give you great disciplines, a clear understanding how the industry works, and will definitely open doors helping you to progress far more effectively & quickly.

I’m off for more juice & sunbathing! I will be back next week to give you your last 5 top tips so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next week gorgeous people. Stay stylish 🙂