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Why Do a Creative Writing Course?

10 Oct by Peter Lyng

Why Do a Creative Writing Course?

You might ask yourself why you should do a creative writing course. The answer is, like with most things, that you should do it if it piques your curiosity.

Following our curiosity and learning something new is rarely a mistake, and if you are considering a creative writing course, perhaps you already have a good reason. 

Perhaps you are intrigued by the liberating career of a creative writer. Perhaps you need to improve your writing to excel in your current job. Or perhaps you want to learn to write better so you can take even more joy in writing creatively.

Three reasons spring to mind for why it might be a good idea to do a creative writing course.

Love for writing

If you love to write then learning more about writing could bring you a lot of joy. Writing is a beautiful tool that supports thinking and creativity, just like an architect or a painter uses their sketchbook as a tool to allow their imagination to work.

If you are one of the people who can appreciate a bit of lovely writing and spend long hours fiddling with a good text in order to make it elegant, then studying writing seems worth the effort.

Working as a writer

For those of us who really do love writing, making a career out of it can seem like a dream. A professional creative writer can have a great job working for a company they believe in or working as a freelance writer with all the freedom that comes with that. The best is having a job that draws on your creativity and allows you to write about the topics you love.

Perhaps you can spend your days writing about an industry you know and admire, and get paid to research and write about what you are passionate about, and would probably enjoy learning about anyways.

When you get to the professional level of writing, it becomes a craft you can hone. Like all craftsmanship, writing is about learning important techniques and deciding to keep improving all the time. 

woman taking a creative writing course online

Once you have learned the most important skills, you can begin to write immediately. You can contact people who you would like to work with and write for, people you admire, and see if they need your skills and passion. You can search for writing jobs online and begin freelancing as soon as you feel confident in your skills, and you can always write great pieces for your portfolio.

Making your passion your job can be tough because suddenly you have to consider your audience, deadlines and paying your bills with your pen. But as long as you strive to write about what you love, working as a creative writer can be a beautiful thing.

A skill for life

Good writing can be a positive force in every aspect of life. Not only can it open doors in your career in the creative industries and help get you a dream job with lots of diverse tasks and intellectual and creative stimulation, but writing well is a wonderful life skill.

Writing well is thinking clearly, and few things are quite as useful as thinking clearly. No matter how creative you are, thinking more clearly will allow you to make sure you are on the right creative writing course and you will be able to communicate your ideas and vision to others.

Being a good writer will be useful for more than writing articles. Perhaps you can improve your love letters and convey your feelings more as you feel them. 

Definitely, you can improve your emails, which can be very helpful when reaching out to people you are interested in. A well-written email or letter that clearly shares your idea and understands the motivations of the recipient is a thing of beauty that can open more doors than you imagine.

You will certainly be able to make more engaging Instagram posts if you take pleasure in writing beautiful descriptions or use the occasion to share a nice idea with your followers.

Perhaps you even have your eye on a bigger writing project, like a book idea that has been rummaging around at the back of your mind. 

Your writing skills don’t need to just help yourself, very often people around you can take advantage of your skills just as much. This shows how important writing is. You might be helping a loved one with an important application where the quality of writing might help them get their dream job. Writing is a lovely skill you can keep for life and share with those around you.

An industry of creatives

In the creative industry, many people forget to learn the craft of writing. Underestimating the power of writing is a mistake, especially in an industry based on sharing powerful ideas and developing new creative universes of our imagination. 

A creative writing course like our lifestyle & fashion writing diploma will help you with your career in the industry we all love. Not only does it offer an understanding of the jobs and structure of journalism in the creative industry, but also how to find stories, make great interviews and turn it all into a business.

The great thing about fashion is that everybody who is in the industry has chosen it for themselves. If you study law or medicine, half the people there are there in part because their parents thought it was prestigious and because they weren’t sure what else to study. 

With fashion and style, nobody’s parents forced them into it, but we’re all here because we love it.

If you love writing and want to learn to hone your craft, then there is a world of possibilities ahead of you in the industry you love.