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How to be a ‘Super League’ Personal Stylist

20 Feb by Joe Miller

How to be a ‘Super League’ Personal Stylist

Personal Styling is a brilliant career choice for those of us who are passionate about working with people, and who live and breathe style, trend, colour and print every day like it’s our religion! Personal Styling creates the real opportunity to be master of your own successful business, creating fabulous looks for an eclectic mix of personal clients.


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It is also a highly skilled profession for those who are focused on becoming absolute experts in their field, aka ‘Super League’ stylists. What sets these personal stylists apart from the mainstream, is that they have learned how to possess personal styling skill down to the finest of detail, with the innate ability to adapt skill to style ‘anyone’ with success, to be the most amazing version of themselves.

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LCS trained Personal Stylist Claire Lopez @

There is always a gap in the market place for new Personal Stylists who are outstanding in their skill, as there aren’t that many operating at expert level. So take a peek at our insider tips to becoming or elevating as a personal stylist at ‘Super league’ level, one who is a ‘super hero’ in the eyes of all your personal clients!

  • Acknowledge that becoming an expert doesn’t happen overnight, so give yourself time to develop.
  • The best Personal Stylists don’t wait for success to tap on their door; they are busy furthering their knowledge and developing skill every day.
  • Appreciate that great personal style means different things to different people, so you need to be able to adapt between clients to appreciate a variety of taste levels.
  • Put your skill into practice with as many friends and family who take you out of your comfort zone acting as ‘personal clients’, and who will give you honest feedback, positive and negative to expand your ability, communication skills and levels of confidence.
  • Appreciate it’s all in the detail. Super League personal stylists’ don’t cut corners, so treat every client as gold!


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LCS trained Personal Stylist Thomas Mueller @

So if you adore people, as well as dressing yourself, friends, colleagues and family, and perhaps already receive great feedback, why not make it your career!  Personal Styling is creative, highly rewarding, super flexible and well-paid,  and if you would like to learn the art how to be a ‘super league’ stylist from an impressive team of industry experts and tutors, with on-going support beyond study to start your own business, give us a call on +44 (0)20 3096 9966 and we’ll be happy to help you, or take a look at our Personal Styling training options and success stories on our website: