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Poping up @Vickisarge

22 Mar by Joe Miller

Poping up @Vickisarge

As we finally broke this winter spell and the promise of spring shines bright through our London windows, a statement of jewellery gracefully sparkles on 38 Elisabeth St. The shop and myth is Vickisarge, the ultimate fashion jeweller whisperer.


From the dance-floors of Studio 54 to the NY most fabulous catwalks, Vickisarge once came to London to expand her former office, Erickson Beamon. Then she broke free. After being responsible for defining costume jewellery across the 90’s era, Vickisarge now embellishes the most prestigious fashion pages in Europe with her dazzling creations. While the British world is having an afternoon tea, the powerhouse Vickisarge is finishing off her third pair of earrings in that cosy basement workshop of hers. Can you imagine?
I can.


Here is an example of pure genius: a 3 in 1 gorgeous piece from the Land of Giants Collection, titled ‘Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner’. This piece can be worn in 3 fun ways, the top part for breakfast, the top and the middle part for lunch; and for dinner, all 3 fashion meals can be worn and enjoyed together for a more dramatic, and why not, appetising look. Isn’t glorious?

Despite her legacy, Vickisarge and her fantastic little team are a welcoming breeze of fashion aire. Her pop-up was no different. Lucia, my very stylish friend and I were on the top of a Prosecco bubble, I am not much of a selfie kinda of gal but my fashion pal was looking dashing playing with the most amazing pieces in the shop while Vicky, who also dislikes the camera’s attention, explained to us ever so candidly and lovely, the beauty and the art of her work.


The London College of Style has prepared us for a successful career in Fashion & Editorial Styling. One of the many things I learnt across my studies is that in editorial terms, jewellery darling, can stroll an outfit from a mare peasant look to a well, excuse me, your royal highnesses. Jewellery seals a contract that separates average from extraordinaire. No outfit is completed without a dash of bedazzle.

Come on, Vogue.

Let your body see these stunning editorials featuring Vickisarge (go with the flow)

Vickisarge is an infinity pool facing an ocean of truly unique fashion jewellery. Each piece rising from her crafty hands is just something. Every collection has a very clear point of view. As an example, from Mexico to Belgravia, a truly inspirational collection has brought fashion icon Frida Kahlo back to the London living. It is a funfest of colour, flowers, feathers, Catrinas, glitz and more. This spring 2018 couldn’t look any better.

Let’s have some pictures to treat each other’s eye.

Beyond my fashion niche, also as a Mexican born, I mexiCAN tell ya that, each little hidden nook pays tribute to our rich culture and ancient traditions.

Here some of my favourite piccies captured with my Nikon. Like LOVE:

In fact, as a self-proclaimed Latin-American Londoner, I would say, it is a delightful fashion relish to bump into these rather surprises when least expected! A sensation I call “when it feels like home” x

Life keeps getting’ better and BETTA.

I look forward to the day I can dazzle my editorials in Vickisarge fashion.

Kay Altamira and Lucia Lachkovicova are a students at London College of Style. Make sure to follow their amazing Instagram accounts to get a look at their editorial and personal styling work: @kayaltamira & @lucylach