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From an LCS student to a stylist in the British fashion industy

24 Dec by Joe Miller

From an LCS student to a stylist in the British fashion industy

The Fashion world constitutes the biggest source of inspiration for me. Searching for fashion and styling, I always find inspiration to draw, to write, to create…

Having studied BA Architecture at the University of Brighton, I finally followed my passion to fashion and I have completed my Fashion & Personal Styling Diploma at The London College of Style (LCS).

During my studies at LCS I had the opportunity to gain incredible knowledge about fashion and I met some of the most important people in the British fashion industry! I was trying to catch every single work opportunity that the LCS was offering to us through the course and to build the ideal contacts.

The most difficult part for me was when I was graduated so all those work opportunities from LCS would come to an end… or at least this is what I believed.

Graduating from the London College of Style as a fashion and personal stylist at December 2014, I have been hired as a stylist at the IMPULSE model agency as a fashion stylist for the Christmas period and in the same time a position of a style advisor at REISS, seemed to be the ideal for me to start my first steps in the British fashion industry.

March 2015 found me working for ALL SAINTS as visual merchandiser. My position there has put me into the impressive brand’s aesthetic and it gave me the opportunity to earn more experience on window styling and interior visual merchandising.

During this year London College of Style hasn’t stop supporting me and it offered me opportunities to work next to celebrity stylists, famous fashion designers and for London Fashion week. I have also continued with my blog as I love fashion writing and the position of the fashion assistant of STREETS magazine was a gift for me and a challenge at the same time to express my passion for fashion.

Today I work for Selfridges and I am the Social Media Coordinator of STREETS magazine. Visiting my website you can explore my published fashion editorials and my services as a stylist.

People always say ‘do what you like the most…’ I do what I love the most..! I know it will be difficult but I am glad to be in the right way. And all started the day when I decided to apply at The London College of Style!

Keep in touch at the official website of the LCS for my upcoming fashion and style reports and do not hesitate to contact me.

See you soon,
Christo Xx