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Confidence is the New Black – Self Belief & Confidence for Industry Styling Success

13 Jan by Joe Miller

Confidence is the New Black – Self Belief & Confidence for Industry Styling Success


Breaking through in any competitive industry like fashion isn’t always an easy ride. Like anything that’s really worth doing, it takes determination, commitment and drive.

Beyond raw talent, acquired professional skill, and support that LCS education offers, have you ever wondered about what else it takes to really ‘make it’?

What is the ‘x-factor’ for a successful fashion stylist? Do successful people have certain traits or characteristics that mean they are destined for success? And can these traits be learned and applied to our lives to make us more successful?

YES – all of you have the ability to achieve your fashion styling dreams. At LCS we teach you technique, skill and how to develop all important self-belief to work towards success:

This morning, I came across this inspirational social media post from Hollywood royalty Meryl and thought it was worth a read and a share on the topic. Take a look:



Well, the lovely Meryl had a choice to make then in that photo and I think you do too! She could have felt rejected and downtrodden in that moment, taking on board the negative messages from others telling her that she wouldn’t amount to anything, that she was not worth success.

Instead, she took a deep breath and made a choice. The choice to stop listening to negative messages from others, and probably from her own self-doubt too, dust herself off and drive herself towards her focused goal end goal of being a successful actress.


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At LCS we support all students into industry with confidence. And don’t worry, generally speaking the industry is not really full that many Devil Wears Prada nasties as to be unkind. But here is some general advice from me on boosting confidence and self-belief that I believe can apply to any working stylist.




  1. Remember that for all of us, self-belief, self-esteem and confidence is not something we’re born with. It’s often the result of experienced learning, hard work and is a byproduct of the wonderful feeling of achievement and accomplishment when you just know you’ve done a great job. It’s something to grow into, to expand on and practice.
  2. Just do it! – listen to your sneakers for a moment. Self doubt is often rooted in fear, so choose to just ignore it. Don’t hold back. Experience makes masters of us all!
  3. Surround yourself with positive inspirations, icons, affirmations and friends – anything and anyone who affirms your intent and focus. Listen to positive affirmations daily and they will become self-fulfilling
  4. Picture you as the best version of your styling-self for a moment, what are you wearing? How are you living? What does a fabulous day working in fashion feel like? Whom are you surrounded by and how do you feel? It’s hard to reach a goal if you have not fully articulated it.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my feel good fashion post. Enough of the warm fuzzies for a while. Stay tuned from more from me every few on industry tips and tricks and all things LCS.