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CLASH’s 15th Anniversary with House of Vans

1 May by Joe Miller

CLASH’s 15th Anniversary with House of Vans

This article was written by Emilia Ziehi, a Fashion & Personal Styling Foundation Diploma student at LCS. Make sure to follow her @emiliaziehi_mrs_sb

If you think that sounds like a street music battle or something similar, you are close. However, CLASH is a magazine, which is inspired and made for the music industry and culture. On Thursday, 25th of April, I was at their very cultural anniversary event to celebrate the work of this great magazine after 15 years in the market. Although they’ve been in the industry for a while, the event was very fresh and creative.

It took place in the evening at the HOUSE OF VANS, a cool location in London. The ambience was very youthful, but the demography was diverse. We enjoyed a live show with different singers and an orchestra. It was amazing and it was impossible for me to miss any moment of the night.

At the entrance, all guests were offered a copy of any issue of the magazine, after which everyone was led to see the famous “Wall of Stars”, where we could take pictures to mark our presence at the event.

I love pictures, so I particularly enjoyed this. After, we entered a club-like area through a tunnel. It felt just like clubbing, with neon lights and people holding cups with different mixtures of liquids. Finally, after purchasing a drink, I decided to join a group at the podium area to dance and mingle.

As a Stylist, I observed various fashion styles, from African fabrics to street style, pop etc. I had on a rare casual chic style, but I wasn’t too out of place, LOL. It was a very fun night out. I celebrate CLASH magazine for their successes so far and wish them all the best in the future.