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So you want to be a Fashion Photographer? 5 Tips to Breaking into Fashion Photography!

21 Jun by Wendy Elsmore

So you want to be a Fashion Photographer? 5 Tips to Breaking into Fashion Photography!

No doubt you’ll have some idea of what fashion photographer’s do – shooting for glossy magazines and brands, shooting advertising campaigns or taking beautiful fashion portrait photography with top models, blurring the line between fashion and art.

If this sounds like your dream, read on,… there are some things you need to know on how to be a fashion photographer!

Fashion photography is competitive, with many emerging talents trying to win places at the top.

This blog has 5 giveaway tips you if you’re just starting out and considering whether fashion photography is right for you, and some industry advice from our team of in-house experts in photography, and for those looking for the best fashion photography training in London.

1. Explore Your Camera

Ok, so biggest mistake number 1, is that if you buy an expensive enough camera that immediately it will do the work for you and you’ll take amazing fashion images. To some degree, you might be right, but you’ll probably be relying on automatic settings where the camera is guessing what you’d like as a good overall image.

You’ll want to start with the basics of photography, such as;

  • How to compose and image
  • How to work with and use light
  • How to manipulate the settings of camera to capture the effects you desire, moving away from manual settings

You’ll want to discover your style in photography, so this means building up confidence with using your camera, learning how to shoot in manual settings and how to see and capture light for beautiful images.

TOP TIP: Check out our Photography for Beginners Certificate. It’s just £120 currently and is ideal for complete beginners and covers lots of knowhow to anyone starting out.

2. Learn About Fashion

Great fashion photographers know fashion. By this, we mean they know about the history of fashion, what influenced styles of photography, key designers, fashion, model and celebrity icons, makeup, hair.

Fashion photographers will work with amazing fashion stylist, sure, but you will often be art directing photoshoots and will want your signature style of fashion portfolio to be reflective of your taste.

TOP TIP: Read lots of fashion magazines and blogs and learn how’s how. Then make a mood board of your favourite fashion designers or fashion icons. Reflect upon what type of fashion photography appeals to you.

3. Assit An Established Fashion Photographer

At LCS we pride ourself working opps. Assisting is so valuable. It’s a great way to learn the ropes and build confidence. Part of being on set is learning what’s what, such as industry protocols and what you can expect from professionals at the top of their game. Know your place though, you’re there to assist the photographer as the main talent.

TOP TIP: Try befriending the makeup or styling assistants as they’ll be more likely to work with you.

4. Critique Your Work with Industry Connectivity

As well as celebrating successes, it’s good to critique works too. Don’t post your efforts too soon publicly, rather continue to complete personal projects and experiment. Learn the art of ’test shooting’ friends, family and then more on to ‘real’ models in time. Your work will lack industry credibility if you don’t connect to reputable hair, makeup or fashion stylist – so be prepared to link in and make connections.

TOP TIP: Find yourself a photography mentor who can give you feedback on your work, ensuring you rate what their work and industry standing. Listen with honest and open ears to critique and welcome this as this will spur your development to greater heights.

5. Invest in Training

Check you industry fashion photography training, ensuring your training provide has industry credibility and the connections you need to start you career. Look very the very best fashion photography course that appeals to you. Be prepared to move to a capital city where the industry, for example fashion photography courses in London are condiered some of the best due to their connection to fashion industry, London Fashion Week, and fashion reputation.

TOP TIP: Our Fashion Photography Advanced Diploma covers everything from how to working with models, organise photoshoots and establish relationships with stylists and designers so you’ll leave with valuable contacts and knowledge of fashion industry too.