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What’s In Your Styling Kit: Wendy Elsmore

26 May by Joe Miller

What’s In Your Styling Kit: Wendy Elsmore

Renowned personal stylist and co-founder of The London College of Style, Wendy Elsmore, is a well-known and loved figure in the fashion industry.

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We asked her for the five things in her styling kit that she can’t leave for a client consultation without.

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1. Mobile phone with a really good camera

Use this to document styled looks with clients and individual selects for instant reference to share. ‘It’s a sure fire way to document winning outfit combinations for your clients to reference for guidance and inspiration.

2. LCS Colour fans 

To check clients’ colour tones and give trusted colour advice. ‘I don’t leave home without these on hand to use during client consultations. They’re absolutely crucial and enable me to introduce my clients to colour with confidence. Plus, they are stylish and portable too.’

3. Dress pins

To make instant alterations ‘You can’t always guarantee a perfect fit whilst shopping in store, and for client’s to visualise suggested alterations, I pin during a wardrobe edit of personal shop to create instant transformation’.

4. Compact notebook and pen

To make notes on clients. ‘I always carry a notebook and pen with me to take notes on everything I’ve discussed with my client. Neither you nor the client can possibly remember everything, so it just acts as a double insurance that they’ll get the absolute a level of service that focuses on minute attention to detail and follow through after service.’

5. A healthy protein snack for me and for my client (Bounce Bar)

“As a personal stylist, it’s really important to be keep energy high, to create a positive happy client experience. I keep a few bounce bars in my bag to share as they are delicious and nutritious’.