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5 Photography Tips for Your Creative Brand

30 May by Jasmine Bowen

5 Photography Tips for Your Creative Brand

When you see an advertisement on social media, in magazines or wherever, what is the first thing that pops at you? Odds are it’s a photograph that was perfectly shot, lit and edited that catches your eye. As it was designed to.

The goal of photography is to catch your attention and make you interested in the subject of the photograph.  You’ve no doubt heard the old adage that “a picture is worth 1000 words”.  Well, there are two things that should be tacked onto that. 1) A picture can generate thousands in revenue & 2) You shouldn’t have to spend thousands for the right image. 

For the most part, with the right photography tips, one can generate a product/brand/company on their own. Rather than having to spend hundreds or thousands on hiring a photographer. Especially if you are running your own brand a major focus is on keeping expenses low and trying to generate profits, right? 

So with that in mind, we wanted to provide you with 5 Photography Tips For Your Creative Brand.  

1. Take A Photography Course

This may seem like a very basic and obvious photography tip, but it’s a shockingly easy one to overlook. If you are currently thinking about spending money on a photographer, let me ask you a question. Why not spend that money and invest in yourself instead? 

Specifically, by taking a beginner’s photography course.  It doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or if you’ve been taking photographs for a while and feel you want to up your game. These courses are always a great way to learn photography. 

Courses like our beginner’s photography course are a great example of this. They cost very little compared to the price of hiring a professional photographer. For example, the LCS Photography For Beginners course only costs $120.  Really, the only thing you need to provide is your own camera. It could be a DSLR or even your mobile phone camera. 

A course like this has a vast amount of benefits. Beyond offering photography tips, you’ll learn things like lighting, photo editing, shot composition, and how to use those advanced settings on your camera.  You would be amazed how many people spend hundreds on a good DSLR camera but only use the basic template-style settings. A course like the Photography For Beginners at LCS also allows you to learn from anywhere using your laptop or iPad. So you can learn at your own pace through videos.

2. Determine Your Brand’s Identity

Every brand should have its own distinct flavour or identity.  Something that sets you apart from the rest.  This again is where photography plays a huge part. One example of this is a clothing company called Meadows. Each photograph on their website and social media pages has a distinct quality to them that ties all their products into the brand itself. 

A course like  Photography For Beginners at LCS allows you to learn a lot of the tips and tricks you’ll need to make each of your photos distinctive. This allows people to immediately identify with your brand within seconds of them seeing a photo you’ve taken.   

3. Invest In Decent Equipment and Gear

To be clear, “decent gear” is a broad term.  We’re not suggesting you go out and spend thousands on the best high-end photography equipment. As a smaller brand, you should be trying to pour as much money into the business itself. But we do recommend at least basic lighting equipment and a decent tripod. 

This seems to be another overlooked photography tip. As your brand grows, so will your equipment budget.  For the moment, use what you have available and learn how to master it.  

4. Believe In Your Product/Brand

This one falls under general life/business advice more than anything else. But it’s extremely important that you believe in your brand. Don’t just look at it like a job where you can clock out at a certain time of day. This is why investing in your skillset is important. 

There are loads of people out there who are intimidated by the prospect of learning about their camera. And you know what? That’s okay! Even the most world-renowned photographers like Annie Leibowitz started off with zero experience. The same goes for our superstar Photography Tutor, Tiffany Mumford, whose work has appeared in Vogue, Elle and more.

Every icon was a beginner at something once. One of the key things to remember is that along with the photography tips, you also have that built-in support system. So even if it’s just you and your camera on a photo shoot, you are never really alone.

5. Produce Consistent Content 

We wanted to close on a tip that seems obvious but is often overlooked. You may have the best product out there. But unless you are consistently putting up photos of the content you produce, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. This goes back to why a beginner’s photography course is a great investment. 

Being your own photographer gives you the flexibility to shoot on your own schedule. For the most part, if you’re doing 2 photoshoots a month, for example, imagine the cost of doing that yourself as opposed to the cost of hiring a photographer over the course of a year. Being able to consistently put out photos of your product also helps to keep the audience engaged. 

So that wraps up our  5 Photography Tips For Your Creative Brand. We really hope that you found them helpful. No matter your level of expertise (or lack thereof) as a photographer, we really do recommend that you take a course like Photography For Beginners to master the fundamentals, create a symbiotic relationship with your camera, and communicate your product creatively.  We look forward to seeing the photographs you’re going to take! Tag us at @londoncollegeofstyle on Instagram to show them off!