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Dan is also a Director of LCS, and heads all editorial components at the college. He is an inspirational and captivating tutor with a comprehensive background in fashion, style and education. A superb communicator, Dan is a dynamic leader. His enthusiasm is extemporary and he is a charismatic, much loved member of the LCS team who brings a wealth of industry knowledge to all his lectures.

Dan has an impressive career in editorial styling outside of the classroom, and is highly sought after in the industry. His clients include British GQ, GQ Style, Stylist Magazine, Shortlist Magazine, L’Officiel, Hollywood Reporter, as well as celebrity clients including Daniel Radcliffe, Kevin Spacey, Sir Ben Kingsley, James Morrison to name a few.

Dan is an exemplary figure to all LCS students, and his informative and knowledgeable teaching approach, makes him a leading educator as well as an imperative part of the LCS team.

Dan is also Editor in Chief at Streets Magazine.

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