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Tatjana Apukhtina

Tatjana Apukhtina joins the LCS team as our in-house Blogging Co-ordinator and Lecturer.  She is as a successful fashion and lifestyle blogger and author of Fashion Artista.(  Passionate about helping LCS students and bloggers in finding inspiration in their blogging, Tatjana is also keen on advising them on social media and how to increase increase following.

Tatjana takes to the role of LCS Blogging Co-ordinator in bridging the gap between industry events such as fashion weeks events, graduate shows, magazine launch parties, press days, exhibitions and fashion trade shows in sending emerging creative students talent to cover these exciting opportunities and report back to the LCS Blog.  This helps LCS students develop their personal brand as influencers, by giving them the opportunity to write guest posts about exclusive fashion events, and exclusive celebrity and designer interviews – live from inside the industry.

With her background in modeling and marketing, Tatjana has a great eye for visuals and puts a lot of emphasis on compelling storytelling. Her clients are ranging from Jaeger, Superdry, Eucerin, Rolls Royce, Daniel Wellington and many more.


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