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Sabrina Panizza

Interior Designer, Colour Consultant & Tutor

Hi, I am Sabrina Panizza, a trained Interior Designer and Personal Stylist, with a strong passion for bright colours, bold patterns, and maximalism.

Born and raised in Milan (Italy), I have over ten years’ experience in the luxury industry and a huge passion for collectible design, visual arts, and style in a broad sense. I graduated in Art History and Criticism in Milan, where I began my career at a contemporary art gallery, to then join world-renowned Nilufar, a design gallery specialising in collectible historical and contemporary design.

After moving to London, I decided to follow my passion for personal styling and trained at both London College of Fashion and London College of Style. Under the guidance of Head of Colour at LCS Jules Standish, I was able to deepen my knowledge of colours and how they influence our lives. My love and enthusiasm for collectible design, antiques and interiors, combined with an eye for colours and patterns also led me to pursue a career in Interior design, having training at the British Academy of Interior Design. I now run an interior design and styling studio together with my life partner. We work on residential as well as commercial projects both in the UK and abroad.

I am beyond excited to joining LCS as a guest Interiors Expert and Tutor. Setting up an interior design business with my partner is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with emerging designers and talented people at LCS, helping them realise their dreams and start a career in interior design!

Other Tutors

Rachel Henderson

Interior Designer & Stylist, Tutor

Thank you for the student dressing team. They were all very helpful and professional, contributing to the success of our London Fashion Week show!

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