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Phil Tarling is talented celebrity and personal stylist, originally beginning his career in wardrobe on British soap opera EastEnders.  From here, his career has lead him to amazing heights with many household celebrity names including ITV and Sky Sports Reporter, Ben Shepherd and Downtown Abbey’s Huge Bonnville to name a few.  He is an outstanding and dynamic lecturer to boot, bringing oodles of practical knowhow in both industry celebrity styling and personal styling with the general public to his lecturers.

“My journey into styling was unconventional. Back in 1997 I didn’t know it was a career option, and little did I know hard graft, grit and determination would keep me styling clients for over 20 years!!

I have had the pleasure of working with many celebs, pundits and CEO’s across many media platforms, and my organic approach has always been client centred!

I believe every job is an opportunity to grow in experience, because each new job comes with a different set of professional and personal demands.

I may not please everyone all the time, but my aim is to at least leave clients with the belief they have received the best service possible.

My biggest lesson I’ve learned is professional integrity. I have also learned the value I bring to a shoot. When I negotiate I consider how a job will impact me, my life and my balance and if it will add any benefit to what I already know and do.  But that was not the story in the beginning. I took every job that came my way, at any price to gain all the valuable experience necessary to be the best stylist I could. I had no short cuts, and  agent to promote me.

As a freelancer, I am not be in charge of my 9-5 working life, but it had afforded me a life I could not have imagined. I work very hard, so I have a life worth living.”

Phil Tarling



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