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Personal Styling Lecturer

Annie is a highly charismatic and popular member of the LCS lecturing team. Alongside building her Personal Styling business and heading up female personal styling clients for renowned personal stylist Daniel Johnson, LCS graduate Annie Miall honed her fashion knowledge through experience as a womenswear buyer for independent boutiques.
She has gone on to grow a burgeoning female client base and has more recently also moved into men’s styling. In addition to private clients, Annie styles for photo shoots and music videos and can also share experiences from her work dressing celebrity clients for red carpet, TV and appearances.
Annie strives to help clients find their own unique style and is passionate about the impact of Personal Styling in helping them achieve goals in their professional or personal lives. Annie brings to the table a diverse wealth of experience in all key areas.
Having come to Personal Styling after a background in psychology and a successful city career in HR & leadership coaching, Annie is well placed through our course to advise on how you can also make the transition into this fabulous profession.

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