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The LCS Editorial Styling Kit comes in an LCS branded logo tote bag with along with an internal LCS accessory bag to house smaller items.

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Every item in the LCS Pro-Editorial Styling Kit has been hand selected by industry experts for use on professional editorial photo shoots. Key to being professional in industry is being prepared, prepped & ready for action at any given moment, being called on by the team to make those vital tweaks & adjustments which make all the difference to the perfections of that final image. Order yours today!

LCS Pro Styling Kit contains:

Price: £139.99 (style of items may vary according to availability)

For those of you about to attend either the LCS Foundation Diploma in Fashion & Personal Styling or the Advanced Editorial Styling Diploma, pre-order your kit in time for the beginning of term with no handling or postage charges. For those students studying on our E-learning course, handling & postage may apply.

To purchase a Pro-Editorial Styling Kit please Contact us