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London College Of Style

Social Media Makeover


8 Weeks

3-4 hours per week

Next Start Date

18 January 2021


Beginner to Intermediate



or 3 interest free instalments of £115

Written by leading industry Social Media Influencers and Bloggers Tatjana Apukhtina and Toni Tran learn how to use the power of Social Media and Blogging to grow your ‘tribe’ create engaging content to connect with your community and enhance your business and brand.


This industry-driven course is designed for anyone with a creative or artistic interest or career path. You’ll learn how to create your tone of voice and aesthetic and how to write content with attention-grabbing headlines that attract and builds your engaged audience and even monetise your skill too.

You’ll discover how to increase the visibility of your Social Media channels and Blog, catapult yourself and your business success to work professionally with brands, including how to link and attend industry events, how to establish yourself as an expert with influence and – helping transform your creative future.

Is it right for you?

This industry-led training will teach you:

  • A ‘deep learning’ in how to grow Social Media and Blog
  • To choose design templates, work with elevation tools
  • Planning and conceptualising your Social Media and Blog Strategy & Aesthetic
  • How to write engaging ‘Storytelling’ content
  • Developing your business and beyond
  • Monetising your business or brand

Master the skills needed to work in:

  • Advertising Production
  • Blogging
  • Creative Interest
  • Fashion
  • Fashion Styling
  • Independent Business Owner
  • Journalism & Features Writing
  • Makeup Artist
  • Marketing
  • Personal Styling
  • Picture Editing
  • Social Media
Modules Covered

Module 1

In this module, you’ll get a better understanding of the blogosphere and how you can use blogging and social media to grow your business and influence.

You’ll also do a hands-on workshop, designed to distil YOUR UNIQUENESS and help you stand out from millions of influencers!

  • The power of blogging
  • Rise of Social Media Influencers
  • History of Blogging and Current Trends
  • Industry Vocab
  • Which Type of Blog is Right for You
  • LCS Success Story
  • Choosing Your Blog name
  • Discovering Your Uniqueness

Module 2

In module 2 you’ll learn how to build an Exceptional Online Presence and how to grow it fast by defining your True Tribe. You’ll also get a walkthrough on how to set up your own website or blog and make it look professional with beautiful templates and useful plugins.

  • Finding Your True Tribe
  • Which Social Media Platform is Right for You
  • The Key Components for Fast Social Media Growth
  • Setting up Your Website or Blog
  • Finding the Perfect Blog Template
  • Plugins No Blogger Can Live Without
  • Legal Rules

Module 3

Your brand’s look and feel are one of the most important things to get right if you want your blog or business to be instantly recognizable and successful! That’s why module 3 is dedicated to understanding every single aspect that is crucial for defining your brand’s aesthetic.

  • Defining Your Perfect Blog
  • Choosing the Right Colour Palette
  • Choosing your Blog’s Fonts
  • Writing About Me Page and Manifesto
  • Top Tips from Megan Taylor

Module 4

In Module 4 you’ll learn how to tackle the creative block. We will provide you with effective tools for brainstorming unique content. You will learn to write compelling headlines and create interesting visuals. We’ll also talk about the practicality of being a content creator and how to manage your time effectively.

  • Effective Tools for Brainstorming Content
  • Crafting Great Headlines
  • Creativity Masterclass by Toni Tran
  • Time Management and Editorial Calendar
  • How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Module 5

This module is dedicated to transforming your Instagram account and creating an amazing feed thanks to our Photography and Content Strategy Masterclasses. You will also get tips on how to get the best out of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well as learn how to create highly converting Video Pins that will drive more traffic to your website.

  • Set up Your Instagram Profile for Success
  • Developing Your Photography Skills
  • Best Photo Editing Apps
  • Create Your Perfect Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Stories and IGTV
  • How to Attract More Followers
  • Best Practice Tips for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Driving Traffic to Your Website via Pinterest

Module 6

In module 6 you’ll learn how to harness the power of Networking in order to grow your blog or business. You’ll learn how to write effective press releases, get featured in other blogs as well as the best ways of getting in touch with brands and PR agencies.

  • The Power of Networking
  • Guest Blogging Tips
  • How to Get Press Coverage
  • Get Featured in Fashion Magazines
  • Working with Brands and PR agencies

Module 7

In this module, we’ll discuss all the possible ways of monetising your blog. You’ll learn how to create a compelling Media Kit, how to work with brands and what to do if you want to sell your own physical or digital products.

  • Banner Ads, Affiliate Links and Writing for Other Businesses
  • Media Kits – How Much Should You Charge
  • Working With Brands
  • Influencer Agencies
  • Selling Physical or Digital Products

Module 8

Our last module will teach you how to stay on top of your game. You’ll learn about the power of the newsletter as well as how to use insights and analytics to grow smarter and quicker.

  • The secret to a Loyal & Engaged Audience
  • Tatjana’s Top Tips for Successful Brand Collaborations
  • Crafting Newsletter that Convert
  • Costs
  • The Perks of Blogging
  • Insights and Analytics
  • Final Tips for Staying at the Top of Your Game

Learning Style

LCS learning style is personal and interactive. Key skills are taught in a step-by-step approach. Your course includes 8 hours of video content and a schedule of live and pre-recorded Masterclasses for deeper learning development.

Course Fees and Dates


£345 inclusive of VAT

For more information on fees, deposits and refunds please refer to our Terms & Conditions. Alternatively, please call us on: +44 (0) 20 3096 9966 for details.


Our exclusive Social Media Makeover E-Diploma course only runs 4 times throughout the year.
Group 1 Launches: 18 January 2021 ONLY 1 PLACE AVAILABLE!
Group 2 Launches: 5th April 2021
Group 3 Launches: 28th June 2021
Group 4 Launches: 11th October 2021

Sign up now to secure your place on the course. The course schedule and lives are completed over 8-weeks, however, you will have access to the system for up to 12 months, and are automatically eligible to join WeThrive, our exclusive Private Membership. Places for WeThrive are limited to 150 per intake, however, we operate a waiting list and prioritise all LCS students.

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Entry Requirements

This online course is suitable for beginners to intermediates and does require some student coursework. Good command of the English language is strongly recommended.

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Industry Pedigree

Our global network of tutors, mentors and coaches have industry-leading knowledge and the skill to adapt to you, as they teach, guide you, listen and hold you to account, prepped for success.
Megan Taylor

Megan Taylor

Actress, Model, Blogger, Social Media Consultant

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Toni Tran

Toni Tran

Digital Content Creator, Photographer & Videographer

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Tatajana Apukhtina

Tatajana Apukhtina

Blogger, Social Media Expert, Entrepreneur, Actress

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Showcase Course
Showcase Course
Showcase Course

A recognised path for aspiring creatives to kick start their careers

I’ve been working with LCS students for the past 2 years, they are an invaluable help to me, extremely reliable and the students do a really great job. Trained to a highly professional standard. Thank you LCS!

Working with the team at LCS is a dream … reliable, creative and kind. Perfect Ingredients during LFW!

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