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Life Skills & Transformation Planning E-Diploma


8 Weeks

3-4 hours per week

Next Start Date

18 January 2021


Beginner to Intermediate



or 3 interest-free instalments of £40

Are you are living the life you have dreamt of? Do you feel confident and happy most of the time? And are you are fulfilling your goals with a bold vision?


Creating My Life as I Want It means you will realise a life you love living as the best version of you! It means learning who you really are and being connected to people personally and in business who like you for who you are, having a clear sense of purpose and enough money to live your chosen life in the way that brings you personal happiness and fulfilment.

In these 21 sessions, best-selling author, broadcaster and change agent Jenni Trent Hughes will lead you with her integrative approach to life transformational change touching on therapeutic learnings to inform her practice. Her results-driven approach will help you to overcome obstacles and self-limiting beliefs as you learn how to create positive change and transform your life into the one of your dreams. Not the life that anyone else thinks you should have, but the life that deep down YOU cannot wait to live, as you master the mindset to attract the health, the finances, friendship and happiness you deserve.

This course focus will create real clarity on what you want from your life and how to lead it on your terms with joy. Every lesson you’ll receive a 3-minute video from Jenni giving you the resources and tools to guide you, as you make progress on your path. Our gift to you includes 3 complimentary live sessions with Jenni as part of this course, and by following Jenni’s simple yet empowering approach and life tips, you can expect to uncover a happier more productive life and so much more.

Watch Your Life Transform as You…
  • Become clear-minded, more positive and happier
  • Feel more vibrant and self-fulfilled
  • Strengthen your relationships in business, friendship, family, love and find new ones
  • Become fitter and healthier
  • Overcome financial fear as you learn to gain an abundant mindset to enhance the role money plays
  • Learn methods behind setting goals that are achievable and life-changing
  • Learn how to attract success
  • Connect to your inner guide and improve your intuition

So, is this right for you? There is nothing preventing YOU from creating My Life as I Want It and making changes and improvements to live the life of your dreams! It is always possible if you’re willing to step forward and work with Jenni.

Watch Your Life as You Want It unfold as you leave this experience braver and ready to move forward with real confidence.

Sessions Covered

What can I expect from this course?

    Live Introduction with Jenni Trent Hughes
    Parts 1-4
    Live Session with Jenni Trent Hughes
    Parts 1-5
    Live Session with Jenni Trent Hughes

Your Tool Kit:

  • 21 topics as downloadable 3-minute videos/audio tracks
  • 21 mini-tasks
  • Branded Workbook
  • 21 empowering thoughts for the day
  • 3 Live sessions with Jenni Trent Hughes
  • Optional Personal Mentoring with Jenni Trent Hughes
  • Goal setting templates
  • LCS Certificate of Achievement

About Jenni Trent Hughes

Jenni grew up in Jamaica and moved to New York as a teenager. She married an Irish film producer on the top of The Brooklyn Bridge and moved to London. She has a wonderful son Jack who is now based in the States. Jenni’s life’s calling through her practice is to help people all over the world enjoy a great quality of life. She is currently writing another book on her three-year journey around the world gathering information on societies and behaviour – what makes us all tick and who ticks best.

She has been an advice columnist for Red Magazine, Digital, writer for Elle Magazine, YOU and other major publications. She has published several books on relationships and communication and contributes regularly on prime-time radio and television. Jenni will be familiar to you from her extensive work in British television from the series Loose Women, The Wright Stuff, This Morning, BBC Breakfast and the award-winning Perfect Match

Jenni has also produced award-winning docs for BBC Radio 4 on subjects as diverse as how people regard their lives through the decades, relationships and men’s relationships with their fathers.

How It Works

This course has been designed to be straightforward and highly effective. When you start, there are 21 lessons which we recommend you open on a daily basis over a 3-week period. Each lesson is fully downloadable and yours to keep. If you are busy and miss a lesson or want to take your time over the course, your lesson will be there in your downloads folder for you to begin when you are ready.

Complimentary Gift to You

We are also gifting you 3 live Sessions with Jenni to inspire and motivate you on your path through this course. These occur on Session 1, Session 9 and Session 21 of the course. Click the Course Outline button to view the live dates with Jenni for your diary. If you cannot attend these, you will be able to watch the recorded version at a time that works for you.

When Can I Start?

For this course to be a game-changer for you, you need to be willing to take part and to put in the effort. You have to believe that you want things to be different and understand the old saying ‘If you keep on doing what you’ve always been doing, you will keep on getting what you’ve always had’.

We CAN do this together, and I look forward to you being present and to really wanting to make change

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Course Fees and Dates


£120 inclusive of VAT

Please Note: Places are in high demand, therefore payment is required to secure your seat on this course.

For more information on fees, deposits and refunds please refer to our Terms & Conditions. Alternatively, please call us on: +44 (0) 20 3096 9966 for details.


Our exclusive My Life As I Want It E-Diploma course only runs 4 times throughout the year.
Group 1 Launches: 18 January 2021
Group 2 Launches: 5th April 2021
Group 3 Launches: 28th June 2021
Group 4 Launches: 11th October 2021

Sign up now to secure your place on the course. The course schedule and lives are completed over 3-weeks, however, you will have access to the system for up to 12 months, and are automatically eligible to join WeThrive, our exclusive Private Membership. Places for WeThrive are limited to 150 per intake, however, we operate a waiting list and prioritise all LCS students.

Book Now to secure your seat and Transform Your Future.

Entry Requirements

A strong desire to create the life you now know you deserve – nothing more, nothing less.

“One of the leading women on the internet”…

YOU Magazine, Mail On Sunday

Jenni Trent Hughes is the most vibrant and inspiring teacher I’ve ever come across. Her enthusiasm and real honesty kept the entire group. A strong awesome woman- give her her audience to teach, and she’ll pass on the wisdom.

Inspirational, confident and captivating. She caught my attention with her down to earth approach- and she inspired me with her wit and intelligence.

Now I know how to do it- I just want to get out and go for it! There aren’t many people that have ever had that effect on me before. She is amazing.

I found Jenni extremely inspiring. She made me realise that I can do anything I want in my life, if I apply myself.

She is such an inspiration, and really gave hope and clear direction to us all – which we really need at the moment.

Jenni was a really inspiring person. She was direct and I’ll cherish the experience and will take on board her wise points and clear way forwards.

Amazing, encouraging and inspiring. Priceless information from a woman who means business in life.

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