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London College Of Style

Fashion & Lifestyle Journalism


6 weeks

3-4 hrs p/week

Next Start Date

18th January 2021


Beginner to Intermediate



or 3 interest free instalments of £199

Written by Gemma Champ, a fashion and lifestyle journalist with two decades of experience in the UK and abroad, this course is designed to help aspiring writers get the edge that will help them succeed in this exciting and competitive industry.


This course is designed for anyone who dreams of establishing their career as a successful lifestyle or fashion journalist. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the way the industry works, the techniques to write articles worth publishing, the dos and don’ts of pitching, and the hacks that will make you indispensable to editors.

We’ll speak to experienced practising journalists to get their tips on how to succeed in different areas, and you’ll also gain an insight into how you can use your newfound skills to move into other editorially led areas such as content – teaching you all you need to know to make a living as a writer.

Is it right for you?

This industry-led training will teach you:

  • How to write beautifully and powerfully
  • The structure of an editorial publication
  • The different roles in journalism and content
  • Where to find stories
  • How to interview
  • How to get published
  • How to create a personal brand as a journalist
  • How to make writing a business

Master the skills needed to work in:

  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Trade publications
  • Freelance journalism
  • Fashion and lifestyle blogging
  • Social media
  • Commercial content
Modules Covered

Module 1

In this module, you will learn about what it means to be a journalist, writing about the things you love, including the types of roles that exist in the industry, the ethics of journalism and some of the key phrases you’ll need to know to get by. These are the foundations you’ll need to build a fabulous career.

  • What does a career in lifestyle journalism look like?
  • Journalist, content writer, copywriter, blogger: what’s the difference?
  • Editor, sub-editor, section editor: journalism jargon
  • Why ethics matter
  • Should you join a union or industry network?
  • Substance over style: easy principles for great writing

Module 2

This is where you can start to decide what subjects you’re going to write about, as well as discovering the very important skills of finding stories, interviewing, building a contact book and writing copy that people want to read! This will also be your first opportunity to write an article based on your newfound skills.

  • Should you stick to a niche or be a generalist?
  • How to find a story
  • Understanding imagery
  • Getting seen and heard
  • Working with PRs
  • Building a contacts book
  • The art of the interview
  • Writing to publication standard

Module 3

Now you have the foundations that will make you a great writer, how do you go about turning your skills into a career? We will cover everything from your workspace to creating an online presence and beginning to build a personal brand and reputation for yourself as a writer.

• Setting up your workspace
• Creating your brand
• Starting a blog
• Building your website
• Building a social following
• Self-publishing on Medium and LinkedIn
• Writing your CV

Module 4

Pitching is one of the most important skills you will need as a professional writer, so we will cover best practice, resilience and how to get noticed by editors. We’ll also look at the key things you need to remember when you are submitting an article, how to deal with feedback, and how you can become a go-to journalist by building relationships.

• What is pitching and why do you have to do it?
• Choosing who to pitch to – downloadable list of publications
• Five tips for a successful pitch – downloadable pitch template
• Dealing with editors: pitching etiquette
• Resilience: your most powerful tool
• Grace under fire: filing and feedback
• When to re-use stories and pitches
• Beyond pitching: becoming a go-to journalist

Module 5

In a competitive industry, thinking as a business is the best way to make sure you can make a lucrative, exciting career out of journalism, so in this module, we will look at the transferable skills you’ve learned and how to turn them into well-paid commercial writing for brands, retailers and other businesses. We’ll also cover the business skills you’ll need, from invoicing to working out how much you can get paid. This will put you in the best position to start a flourishing career as a fashion and lifestyle journalist!

• Why you should spread your bets as a writer
• What is editorial content?
• SEO basics
• Content planning and strategy
• Finding freelance content work
• Approaching businesses cold
• How much to charge
• About your copyright
• Show me the money: invoicing and following up

Course Fees and Dates


£497 inclusive of VAT

All course fees can be made by interest-free instalment payments. Please contact the LCS team for a person plan today.


Our exclusive Fashion & Lifestyle Journalism E-Diploma course only runs 5 times throughout the year.
Group 1 Launches: 18 January 2021
Group 2 Launches: 15th March 2021
Group 3 Launches: 10th May 2021
Group 4 Launches: 5th July 2021
Group 5 Launches: 20th September 2021

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Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for beginner to intermediate level.

Showcase Course
Showcase Course
Showcase Course

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