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At LCS, our commitment is delivering excellence across all training and practices personalised per student. As a kite mark of excellence, LCS is proud to be accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a short course provider.


LCS works in collaboration with an impressive list of international brand partners on live industry projects and jobs to raise the profile of our students and to begin and elevate of careers for our graduates. This puts our students and graduates a step ahead of competition entering and establishing a name in the fashion, beauty and photography industries.

The LCS approach to training is a powerful alternative to the standardised, traditional education method.  Focus is personalised -teaching, nurturing, developing and supporting individual fashion stylists, personal stylists, makeup artists and photographers into successful careers.

Founded by industry experts Wendy Elsmore and Dan Blake, creative excellence runs through the heart of LCS. A pioneer in delivering personalised creative training for fashion and personal stylists, makeup artists and photographers, as a powerful alternative to the standardised education approach, the spirit of LCS is championing your individuality for success.

After 7 years of training students across creative specialisms, nurturing individual careers with our tailored approach in the fashion, beauty and photography industries, the London College of Style has an established reputation as a global leader in creative education.

LCS has welcomed a fabulous eclectic mix of over 3,000 students from all over the world to a vibrant and engaging training environment, to start and advance their careers through training and development on-campus in the fashion capital London, with a strong focus on ongoing individual professional support with a fast track service to exclusive working opportunity and paid jobs.

For those students who cannot attend LCS London campus, we deliver a remote e-learning training alternative, with a consistent level of personalised approach through delivery and individual support, across both styles of learning.

Each student is celebrated for their individuality to develop professional skills and healthy self-belief in an environment that is motivating, supportive and inspires creativity.  Our hand picked tutor team combining industry experts and respected guest speakers have current high profile careers, teaching with a wealth of knowledge, offering insight, and consistent individual feedback. Personalised mentoring sessions share invaluable advice including: tools for continuous development, career support and contacts, focused on a successful and sustainable career in line with the current marketplace.

Our many brand partnerships enable exclusive access to high profile industry experience, internships and jobs for our students at a level usually reserved for established artists only, across: celebrity, music artists, glossy publications, Fashion Weeks including London and Paris, TV, film, brands, and retail to create an impressive CV and vital network of industry connections to support your progression.

LCS Pro Team supports every student post training with a tailored career development plan including: access to on-going industry opportunity, portfolio build and jobs. LCS nurtures and develops and some of the finest creative talent into successful careers as fashion stylists, art directors, fashion journalists, personal stylists, celebrity stylists, fashion PR, fashion bloggers, fashion influencers, beauty bloggers, makeup artists, celebrity makeup artists, beauty PR and photography.